Solid Walnut Plaque with Layered Metal and Red Fabric | Corporate Awards
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This handsome Walnut Plaque with Layered Plates and Red Fabric makes quite a statement when engraved with the recipient's name and presented at an awards banquet. The rich, dark walnut finish on the wood helps the layered meta plates and red fabric accents really stand out. The red fabric adds some color as well as some pomp and circumstance to the award. The double plates emphasizes and frames the engraving work, drawing the eye of the viewer to the details engraved on the upper-most plate.

This would make the perfect award plaque for anyone who has risked life and limb to save others. It is dramatically bold, shiny, and brilliant in its fearless use of layered metal alloys and soft red fabric. The red fabric alone speaks to danger, the willingness to risk one's life for others, and the tender-hearted compassion that a hero has. The bronze and brass layered plates speak of strength and boldness while the walnut base announces the recipient's courage in the face of death.

It is THE plaque of choice for police officers and firefighters who have recently risked their lives, as well as for citizens who have boldly charged in where othere have feared to tread. Military personnel may find this award plaque very appealing as well, since its layered symbolism speaks to the job they do every day.

12 1/2" x 15 1/2" solid American Walnut Frame Plaque with Layered Metal Plates and Red Fabric

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  • American walnut plaque with layered metal plate and Red Fabric

Walnut Plaque with Layered Plates and Red Fabric

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