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Our History

Jason D. Morse was born in Boston and moved to Laconia, New Hampshire in 1946. He found employment with Sawyer’s Jewelry. In 1959, he teamed together with Maurice Thibodeau, and combined the Sawyer name with the Morse name to form Saymore Trophy Company.

In 1981, James Thibodeau died and Saymore Trophy Company went up for sale at state auction. Mike Dunn, of Duncraft Bird Feeders in Penacook, New Hampshire, purchased Saymore Trophy Company, and brought it from Laconia to Penacook. Mike thought that the trophy business, which is busier in the spring and summer, and the bird feeder business, which is busier in the fall and winter, would bring better year round sales. During this time Duncraft used their mail order business and customer list to market Saymore Trophy around the country. The trophy company grew to be much more than seasonal work and the timing became right to sell when Jeff Smith entered the picture.

Jeffrey Smith owned Granite State Awards but had to sell due to illness. After his recovery he was offered the opportunity to purchase Saymore Trophy by Mike Dunn. His knowledge of the trophy business as well as his local community connections made for a good fit. Jeff Smith purchased Saymore Trophy Company in 1986. During this time, Susan Craig-Newton - the current manager of Saymore Trophy – began her employment in 1984. Jeff Smith moved Saymore Trophy to its new home on Hall Street in Concord, where they remained for 3 years. In 1999, Jeff moved Saymore Trophy to its current location to this day, at the Gloria Alosa Plaza at Manchester Street in Concord, NH.

In 1998, Jeff Smith decided to sell Saymore Trophy Company. Harrison Noyes was already in the award and trophy business, as he was the owner of Hudson Trophy Company, of Nashua, New Hampshire. Harrison, who goes by Rick, found that owning two trophy stores, one in Nashua and one in Concord, offered him a great advantage over other trophy shops. He implemented a number of business practices and kept the two stores strong.

Gregory Slossar was in the engraving industry as a service technician in New England. Rick and Gregory had a good business relationship, but they also formed a personal friendship. As the years passed on, Rick realized he had to think about the future for the two businesses, and offered Gregory the chance of purchasing Saymore Trophy Company.

Gregory Slossar is originally from Bridgeport, Connecticut. He served as a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, NC. In 2006, Gregory Slossar put his 10 years of engraving knowledge to work when he purchased Saymore Trophy Company. Gregory saw great potential in this trophy store. He knew that with expanded product lines, additional machinery, an e-commerce website, a new showroom, and a focused advertising campaign, he could grow Saymore Trophy to a new level. Gregory has continued to grow the business, both in New Hampshire and nationally. Gregory also uses his relationship with other trophy shops throughout New England to help stores with difficult engraving jobs and outsourcing products.

In 2009, Saymore Trophy Company celebrates its 50th year in business. Customers of Saymore Trophy now find a wide range of products offered, such as Engraved Gifts, Specialty Awards, Self Inking Stamps and Signage.


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