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Cast Bronze Plaques Customer Stories

One of my favorite things is when a customer shares their experience with my company. Even better is when a customer shares a photo and story about how one of our cast plaques has been used. In my business, we personalize and engrave thousands of products for customers and always wonder where they will end up and what story each product will forever hold. -Gregory Slossar, owner.



cast aluminum plaque on bell

I lost my grandmother this year and she always had this bell out front the farm house and I remember ringing it as a boy.
It had fallen in disrepair and when she passed I was allowed to have it, restored it and re-erected at my home with the help of my dad.

The home has been in my family for 4 generations now. Whenever I or my family see it we think of grandma.
That you for doing an absolute wonderful job on this plaque, I could not be happier!!!!
I would also like to note the quality is the same as places that were 3 times the price!!!   Thank you!

-Steve Monahan


cast bronze plaque on business          cast bronze plaque at after eden gallery

We are very pleased with the bronze plaque we ordered from you. We are a new business and wanted to project an image of permanence and show that we are a part of the community and here to stay. That is how we see our bronze plaque. It shows our customers our commitment to our business and ultimately to them for supporting us. 
Our business is best described as follows: AfterEden Gallery is a filled with curiosity,  beauty, history and wonder. We Specialize in the unique, unusual and rare. Jewelry, accessories, objet d'art, minerals, crystals, candles, exclusive gifts, décor, fossils, beautiful art,  antiques, vintage advertising,  antique toys, country furnishings, collectibles, authentic film & TV props, and pop culture works of art.
The charming art-filled town of Beacon, NY has everything from one of the world’s greatest contemporary art museums, DIA Art Foundation Museum, as well as an over one mile long walkable Main Street with fine art galleries, antique shops, clothing, jewelry, gifts, chocolates, bakeries, restaurants of every type, and wonderful hotel accommodations.
Beacon sits on the banks of the Hudson River, near the crossroads of I-84 and the NYS Thruway (I-87), the first exit over the picturesque Newburgh-Beacon Bridge. Beacon can also be reached by direct train access from Grand Central NYC to the Beacon Metro-North Station.
Beacon's city wide monthly "Second Saturday" celebrations, we stay open until the last customer leaves (that's usually between 7PM - 9PM).
AfterEden Gallery
453 Main St.
Beacon, NY 12508
saint-louis-university-cast-bronze-plaque-3r.jpg          saint-louis-university-cast-bronze-plaque-1r.jpg
Saint Louis University's new Student Visit Center opened in the fall of 2015. It is located in the historic Queen's Daughter's Hall. Built as a private residence in 1890, Queen's Daughter's Hall was purchased by the archdiocese of St. Louis as a group home for young, unmarried women who lived here throughout most of the 20th century. After purchasing the building in the mid 1990's, Queen's Daughter's Hall served as the administrative offices for the Dean of Saint Louis University's Law School until 2014. While the second and third floors have been renovated into office space, most of the first floor has been restored to its original state. Thousands of prospective students will visit the new student visit center annually. The center portrays the traditions and legacy of Saint Louis University while also offering a cutting edge and interactive visitor experience.


Andrea L. Hitsman (BLS '08, MA '13)
Assistant Director for Campus Visits & Events

Office of Admission

New Student Visit Center at Queen's Daughters Hall
3730 Lindell Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63108


My experience with your company was very positive.  I'm a retired industrial designer and owned a manufacturing company for 25 years and appreciate good customer service, rapid delivery and a quality product.  

I proposed a cast plaque to the family of a local man who recently had a Coast Guard cutter named for him.  Your website allowed me to show them exactly what they were paying for.  The plaque is installed on the wall of a recently-completed replica of the U.S. Lifesaving Service station built here in Marblehead, OH in 1876.  The enclosed museum is the history of the USLSS and its transition into the U. S. Coast Guard in 1915.  Please visit us at to see what we are about. The plaque is adjacent to the "man"door on the side of the building.

Dennis Kennedy, President
Marblehead Lighthouse Historical Society

I live in a landmarked Victorian townhouse in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  As a history buff I wanted to memorialize the date of construction and the architect so I looked to your company for the perfect, classic solution. 

I was really pleased with the quality of the production as well as materials.
The bronze felt substantial and was finished and packed to perfection.  Very pleased. 

-Michael Scott





The 1614 Monument
Ragged Neck Point
Rye Harbor State Park
1730 Ocean Blvd.
Rye, NH 03870
20170202-102411.jpg         20170202-102628.jpg

In 2015, I volunteered to manage the restoration of the 39 stained glass windows at our century-old parish – Five Wounds Portuguese National Church in San José, California. The windows were actually about 80 years old; they were installed in the 1930s and 1940s.  Each window has an inlay that commemorates the original window sponsor; we wanted that to remain for historical purposes.  Back then, each of the largest windows cost $500 new.  In 2015, each of the 13 largest windows would cost at least $20,000 to restore.  The 26 smaller windows would cost about $7,000 each to restore. 

We wanted to commemorate each restoration sponsor, regardless of window size.  Ten of the 13 largest windows could be commemorated with a plaque next to each window.  The three remaining large windows were set high up in the church and would need to have their plaques down at eye-level for easy viewing.  The 26 smaller windows were set high up as well, and would be commemorated by one larger plaque at eye-level on the back wall inside the nave. 

We settled on thin-gauge plaques because they were cost-effective and perfect for indoor placement.  The project is ongoing, with about eight windows left to restore.  Only a couple of plaques remain to be hung once their corresponding windows are completed. 

The parish Web site may be found at

-Davide Vieira



This plaque honors Sandra Cooper who founded the Kids Against Hunger satellite at our church seven years ago. The national Kids Against Hunger mission is to significantly reduce the number of hungry children in the US and to feed starving children around the globe. To accomplish that mission, satellite organizations pack and distribute fortified rice casserole meals. The meals consist of rice, dehydrated soy and vegetables, seasoning and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. Cooked in boiling water, a single package will feed a family of six people.
The St. Philip operation has now packed and distributed more than One Million meals since its founding. This operation has become the signature mission of our church and has done immeasurable good for our community. The plaque honoring Sandra Cooper hangs in the kitchen now dedicated to her memory where our packing sessions take place. The plaque reminds all of us the impact a single person can make by leading the way to do good work.
I thank you and your company for creating such a wonderful plaque and being personally involved in making sure it was done right and delivered in good shape. You run a class operation.
Gary Willis


blaine-steinberg.jpg     torin.jpg

We had a great experience with Saymore Trophy.
Over at Dartmouth, your company has been the go-to place for cast bronze plaques. I worked on making the plaque for a friend who passed away - the plaque remains in the spotlight of the front entrance of our sorority house and it lights up the room reminding us of her positive energy through a beautifully crafted plaque that transports her spirit.
I initially heard of Saymore Trophy from a friend who worked on another plaque for Torin which is hanging front and center in Torin's fraternity bringing a powerful presence as you walk in from the beautifully crafted plaque. We recommended a few younger classmates to you as well and everyone who has worked with Saymore only has kind words and positive experiences.
The process is organized and very helpful in answering questions throughout the process. The customer experience was a great one as they were committed to giving each customer the absolute best plaque that fits each person's unique wishes and doing so while keeping a reasonable cost for these naturally expensive plaques.
Thanks so much and hope you are doing well.
- Julia Weber

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