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Recognition Award Companies…Looking for Recognition.

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By Gregory Slossar, Owner
Saymore Trophy Company, Concord, NH.

Reviews, reviews, reviews. The thing business owners crave the most from their customers. Trophy and award companies find themselves in a unique position since our business is based on recognizing others, yet we often find that we are rarely recognized. Go ahead and search the Internet for trophies and awards and you will find plenty of companies that have little or no reviews. For those few who are blessed with positive messages and five star service it seems that many of the messages are ordinary and void of enthusiasm. Now, we know that the elusive reviews are out there since we have seen them firsthand. So, what possibly is holding our customers back? Well, I don’t think you are going to like the answer. Go take a look in the mirror. The problem is you.

Reviews Should Be Organic. So stop asking. If you need to ask for a review than you probably don’t deserve them. If you do receive a review from asking than it is probably not going to be glowing. If you want great reviews than you need to start from the beginning and ask yourself what prompts you to write reviews. You don’t write reviews? Well, that may be your first mistake. How can you possibly ask others to do something that you do not do? Once you get involved with review writing you may be able to focus on the things that you consider to make a company great. As soon as you realize what makes you write a glowing review you will then be able to emulate those qualities at your company. Once implemented, the organic and positive reviews will come on their own.

The Cobblers Children Have No Shoes. Ask any award or trophy shop owner their thoughts on recognition programs and they will easily convince you why it is so important. We do believe that employees, sales reps, volunteers, and athletic winners should be recognized for their greatness. These same shop owners also would like to be recognized for their greatness – through reviews. But, what makes an award shop great? If we want to be recognized with amazing reviews we need to be great. We need to be great with our customers, as well as great with our own employees.

Recognize Your Employees. Recognize Your Customers. Listen. Most of us run small shops. Admittedly, employee recognition programs for small groups can be tough, but if you make an effort to do so there will be benefits. You can try to force your employees to be nice and be helpful with your customers, but if you want your employees to want to help on their own and be organic, than you need to start by building them up. Happy employees make happy customers and happy customers make happy reviews. Now, this is not one big scheme in order to get more reviews, for this is how business should be done and the reviews are just the byproduct.

Engage. Now, you may think that you already do, but you probably are not. Engage with your employees and engage with your customers. Saying “Hello” and “Thank You” are not enough. Walk around the desk. Shake your customer’s hand. Introduce yourself or reintroduce yourself. Walk your customer to the door when they leave. Let them know that you appreciate their visit. The same goes for e-mail correspondence. Make an effort. All of these practices can also be used with your employees. Lead by example. Show your employees how customer service is done and they will continue the practice with your customers in your absence.

Fake It Until You Make It. In the beginning you may feel like you are faking it. Give it some time and new habits will form. Eventually, you will make it. Your hard work will pay off, and possibly, quite possibly you will receive that recognition you have been craving. The best part? You didn’t even ask for it.

About the Author. Gregory Slossar has been involved with the engraving industry for almost twenty years and has business relationships with other award, trophy and sign shops throughout the country. He offers his advice and support on all things concerning the engraving process, as well as best business practices. He currently owns and operates Saymore Trophy Company, Saymore Signs & Banners, and Engraving Solutions Network out of Concord, New Hampshire. He can be contacted at

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