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How To Reward Your Employees - The Right Way


There are a great many factors to keeping employees happy, and happy employees are an asset to your business. But you may be wondering what can be done to keep my employees happy? Great culture and perks is certainly one way, but what about rewards? And exactly what are you meant to be rewarding?

Why to Reward

  1. Rewarding behavior - not necessarily the way to go. Statistically speaking, rewarding behavior seems to demotivate employees. Rewards should be given on a performance basis or an “above and beyond” basis. Good behavior is already part of the job. So reward those employees that really “wow” your clientele.
  2. Reward based on merit and skill - not on favoritism. Employees notice favoritism almost before it begins. It has an incredibly negative impact on employees and their performance and tends to spread like wildfire, so make sure rewards are being given fairly and justly.
  3. Rewarding for tenure - can be helpful to your employees and your business. It will help to avoid a high turnover rate and give incentive for employees to stick around. If they feel they are recognized not only for their efforts but for their dedication to your business, they are more likely to stay.
  4. Make sure your rewards program is easily implemented. Your reward system should have structure and consistency. The system should be something that is easily maintained.
  5. Reward for innovation - all employees can bring amazing ideas to the table. You don’t necessarily have to be a VP to have great ideas. Employees from the ground floor up may have incredible contributions to your business, and this should be rewarded too.

What kind of rewards should I give?

This can be relative to your business, but awards can come in many different forms.

  1. Trophies, cast bronze plaques, ribbons, medals, etc. can be a great way to reward your employees. These are pieces they can place on their desk at work or at home, and is a constant reminder of the great work they have done and the recognition they received for their efforts.
  2. Monetary gifts or gift cards are also great, because let’s face it - who doesn’t love extra cash? However consider that once money is spent, the recognition can be lost or forgotten.
  3. Consider creating an employee recognition wall or plaque. This is a great, distinguished way to recognize employee accomplishments and is also something your whole business can see.
  4. “Employee Swag” is also a great way to reward employees and simultaneously promote your business, consider “branding” some of your rewards.
  5. Lastly - make sure the reward matches the value of the accomplishment. The goal is to reward accordingly and not short change your employees for their contributions!

The value of running an incentive or rewards based program within your company has the potential to increase the productivity and happiness of your employees, thusly making your business a top place to work but also to help decrease the turnover rate of your employees as well as clientele. Happy rewarding!

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